• Different Types Of Dentures

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    The way you smile and eat can leave a long lasting impression about you. When it comes to treatment of the teeth, there are various solutions that come your way – dental fillings, root canal treatment, whitening of the tooth or extracting it.

    However, for that perfect smile to have you need to often go for dentures and there are dental clinics specializing in dentures. The primary reason your teeth might look dull and lifeless because it generally loses the gloss. Dentures are mostly handmade teeth which are built in such a technique that restores the lost wax. Knowing about new dentures cost from different clinics will also help you in choosing the right clinic in your budget.

    A general denture making process needs a great degree of skill and a lot of sessions to make the right and perfect teeth fitting for your face. It is a specialized field and requires a lot of patience to fix dentures. If you are going for a denture fix, you need to be aware of the various types of dentures. In this article we discuss some of the most common types of dentures so that you have a good idea of which type to go ahead with.

    Cosmetic or aesthetic denture

    This is the one of the most advanced type of dentures where the metal inside is not visible at all making it look like as if it were an original teeth. In cosmetic dentures Canberra, the natural curves and gradient of your teeth are utilized in a way to hold the teeth in place without the need of any metal clasps.

    Full dentures

    These are generally acrylic made tooth which either replaces all teeth of either your upper or lower jaw or even both. It is good to use the highest quality acrylic material to ensure the maximum strength while at the same time the lightest weight. There are palates made of chromo cobalt or fibre made which are often used.

    Partial dentures

    This is a technique that replaces one or more teeth which are missing. The traditional usage of metal clasps to hold the teeth in place are slowly phasing out with more advanced alloys being used for patients with one or two missing teeth.

    Implant denture

    This comes broadly in two forms- fixed implants and removable implants. Fixed implant dentures is where the implant is placed in the bone with some cementing material to fix and hold the teeth to the gum. Mostly, acrylic materials are used to do that. This can be done by specially trained dental professionals. On the other hand, removable implants are relatively simpler. Inside the bone in this type of denture there are around 2 to 4 implants and there are small clips to hold the teeth in the desired position.