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The foot comprises 26 bones and 33 joints. The foot capable the man to walk. An important organ that facilitates the movement is the ankle. The joint of the foot and ankle purvey you the stiffness and the flexibility. The foot comprises 3 parts. It includes the hind foot that consists of the heel bone and the ankle. It allows the movement from side to side, midfoot consists of five tarsal bones that form a vault of the foot. It impersonates the shock absorber while you are walking and running while the forefoot consists of phalanges. It makes a joint with tarsal bones. It holds about half of the body’s weight. The ankle makes a joint with fibula, tibia, and talus.

Choice of surgery:

Sometimes, people face difficulty in walking or standing. Some cases require treatment as one drug affects the ankle and foot. By changing the medication, the patient got relief. In other cases, the patient suffers from severe pain and he needs to consult the foot andankle surgeon due to accident, trauma, or any type of disease. The decision regarding foot surgery in mornington peninsula and ankle surgery depending on the lifestyle and need of time. The foot and ankle surgeon often uses anaesthesia in the surgery. The foot surgery or the ankle surgery is not quite painful. It depends on the patient tolerance how he can bear the pain of inflammation and swelling after reducing the effect of anaesthesia.

Category of ankle surgery:

The ankle surgery may be of open reduction or internal fixation. In open reduction, the ankle surgeon opens the ankle and reposition the respective joint, while in internal fixation, the ankle surgeon installed the nails, screws, wires, or rods on the fractured ankle. The ankle surgery has to be done when the patient’s at least three bones of the ankle broke. The benefit regarding ankle surgery that it prevents the patient from the injury again and again. The ankle surgeon estimated 1 year for the recovery but it can be faster if the patient takes a good meal, enough sleep, and exercise as recommended by the physiotherapist.

Treatment regarding foot surgery:

When physical therapy gives no result, the foot surgeon prefers foot surgery.  A foot surgery as, ankle surgery may be an open reduction or internal fixation. It all depends on the surgical complication. Before surgery, the foot surgeon takes x-rays in which he examines the soft tissues that cause symptoms. Ultrasound creates the internal images, while CT scan examines the images at different angles. After all these tests, the foot surgeon tender the foot surgery in case of fracture, dislocation, torn cartilage, bone spur, arthritis, and many more deformation disorders efficiently.