• Medication To Cure Illnesses Versus Natural Preventive Medicine

    Date: 2016.10.17 | Category: Medical Services | Tags:

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    One of the main differences between the medical systems available today and the medical systems of bygone days is that today we wait until someone has developed a condition and is far into the condition before we decide to medicate it and cure it. However, in most cases, it can be too late to cure the illness completely and doctors instead opt to simply control the symptoms present. In the past however, medical systems such as herbal and acupuncture for pain focus more on preventing the illness before it happens rather than curing an illness that you already have, know more at http://thrivewellnesscenter.com/.

    Ancient medical practices
    A study in to Ayurveda medicines and herbal medication will show you that people of the past chose to eat food that would make them stronger and prevent disease. They would take herbal supplements for arthritis and joint pains even before they develop actual symptoms of the disease and therefore prevent illness before it develops. There many kinds of food that we can eat today that act as a preventive medication for such illnesses. In fact herbal medicine for arthritis and joint pain may consist of the same food that you eat on a regular basis but you may not realize it. For example, sesame seeds and leaves such as moringa are high in calcium and a regular intake of such could work to prevent many illnesses especially bone and joint related.

    One very big misconception that is being spread by the dairy industry is that milk prevents you from getting illnesses such as arthritis. However, the truth is dairy causes you to get arthritis as the acid in dairy causes your body to draw out calcium from your bones which is why most dairy that you can see you will be fortified with calcium. One great idea to make sure that you are getting calcium is to have a bottle of sesame seeds in your home that you can sprinkle on any meal that you take ensuring that you have a certain amount of calcium in every meal. Sesame seeds are very high in calcium and will also give your food a delicious flavor. Make an effort to consume food that consists of tahini sauce and you may even add in some Tahini sauce into any sandwiches wraps or even burgers that you have ensuring that you are adding a significant amount of calcium into the food you are having. You may do some research on the internet about other plant based calcium sources that you can add to your food to make it more nourishing.