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Signs Which Indicate You Need An MRI

A few decades back when someone had an internal injury, there was no solid way to find out which area of the body was particularly injured, unless there was prominent swelling on that part. Needless to say, medical science was not so advanced back then and there were a lot of problems faced by doctors back then if they wanted to diagnose a patient with a certain illness. Majority of the times the diagnosis were incorrect, except for the commonly occurring illnesses. There have been many breakthroughs in this field over the course of a century, and one of the biggest breakthrough perhaps is the invention of MRI imaging technique. Majority of the people might already be well-familiar with this technique, and if they had an injury at some point, then the chances are they have also underwent an MRI scan. Its abbreviation is Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and just as the name implies this technique helps in producing detailed pictures of certain parts of the human body with the help of magnetic fields.

There are many people who also think that what the main difference is between a CT scan and an MRI? To clear that up, each of them have their pros and cons. CT scan is normally used to scan large areas of the body, while the MRI can certainly provide you with detailed and clear images of smaller body areas. Both of these techniques are highly useful, but there is one thing in which MRI proves to be much better than the CT scan, and that is how it helps in avoiding the risk of radiation exposure.

Are there any Risks from an MRI?

Patients who undergo a MRI in Springwood are exposed to absolutely no risk. The only problems you may face during a MRI is perhaps if you are claustrophobic. Open MRI’s are also common nowadays for claustrophobic patients. So, what are the common signs that you might need to go for this imaging technique? Let’s see.

Unclear X-rays

Most of the times for minor injuries, doctors are going to suggest that you get an X-ray. Although, an X-ray might give you some exposure to radiation, but it is not normally something you would have to worry about. However, the biggest drawback of X-rays is that they do not provide a clear picture for overlapping organs, and this can make the diagnosis much difficult. So, if the doctor is not able to determine the problem from an X-ray then they will most likely refer you to an MRI scan.

Persisting Pain

If you have started your treatment for an injury and have yet to see any positive results, then a doctor would most likely prescribe you to get an MRI scan. Most persistent signs of an injury may be due to something that was not seen in the X-ray.