• Taking Care Of Your Gums Through Your Foods

    Date: 2016.11.18 | Category: Dental Care | Tags:

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    Gums are the glue that makes sure your smile looks straight and beautiful on camera and in real life. Good oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, regular checkups help with making sure your gums stay safe. But if you are limited to brushing and flossing only, then you would not realize the dangers to your gums until it is too late. So apart from these regular techniques, here are some food items that will help you fight off the bacteria that ends up building up on your mouth.
    Ginger is one of the most famous for fighting bacteria and being an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps keep your mouth tissue safe and healthy from bacteria. It works strongly against inflammatory diseases like periodontal disease (which causes loss of bone and also gets rid of connective tissue in the mouth). Ginger is great for any food because of its aroma and also slight spice which can bring in flavor for your meal.

    Best cosmetic dentists Melbourne professionals strongly advice to having an apple a day or at least after every meal. Apples are great for your physical health and also your oral health as well. When you are chewing an apple, your mouth starts working which shakes up the plaque build up. Also vitamin C in the apples inadvertently helps loosen up the plaque and tartar in the mouth and the clinging bacteria as well. The chewing motions along with the hard scale of the apples will get rid of any food stuck on your gums and corners of your mouth and will help rid of bacteria as well. After eating the apple, rinse with mouthwash for even better results.
    Carrots are packed with Vitamin A which is needed for keeping your enamel healthy. Eating raw carrots are great for stimulating your saliva which acts as a natural detergent and cleanser for your mouth. Crunchy vegetables in general are good for your teeth for displacing plaque and getting rid of leftover food items.
    If you are using invisalign braces, then you would need to take them out when you are eating these foods for oral health. Onions are great as it contains sulfur compounds like thiosulfinates and thiosulfonates which are major compounds in removing and reducing enamel decaying bacteria. Eating raw onions is strongly recommended as these compounds burn away when you are cooking onions.
    Shiitake mushrooms and garlic are another couple of healthy food ingredients that would help you rid yourself of enamel decaying bacteria and bacteria that adds onto plaque. Regular brushing and flossing and a visit to the doctor is necessary for good oral health.